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Customizing a nugget.ai Challenge

Read about how we are able to customize our challenges to better fit a company’s work environment or specific roles.

If you have any experience with us or have read any of our previous blogs (the pieces of a nugget challenge and inside a nugget challenge), you know that at nugget.ai we use assessments that we call challenges to measure people’s soft skills. Although we often provide a set of pre-created challenges to our clients (if you want to learn about how we configure a challenge pack, click here!), we are also able to customize our challenges to better fit a company’s work environment or specific roles. This blog will outline the process we go through to do just that!

Why Customize or Create Challenges?

At nugget.ai, we understand that completing assessments that are job- and/or company-relevant helps to increase our accuracy in estimating people’s skills and capabilities. So, although we make our challenges work-relevant, they are kept broad so they can be relatable to most people and are not too job- or industry-specific.  However, there are cases where our clients come to us asking for some level of customization to the challenges. Perhaps, within their company, they refer to supervisors as ‘team leads’ or ‘captains’, or they call employees ‘members’ or ‘partners’. Each company can have their own flair and terminology and we respect our clients’ desire to integrate these elements into our existing scenarios or co-create new scenarios with us in a manner that keeps the integrity and science of our challenges untouched.  

The Customization Process

When customizing our challenges, we  

  1. use our pre-created challenges and pre-set guidelines to allow our clients to alter the challenge to capture the uniqueness of their company or job position.  
  1. determine the skills that are most relevant to client’s goals,
  1. select the challenges relevant to those skills

Each of our challenges include work-relevant scenarios and response items that contain language and events that relate to and allow us to effectively measure each specific soft skill. These are elements that we keep constant during the customization process to make sure we don’t change our ability to measure each of our skills even if the challenge is changed to better fit a company’s environment. Clients can choose to either change the challenge to reflect the specific position that is relevant to employees or candidates that will complete it or to reflect the company’s work environment more generally.  

Some of the aspects that can be changed in our challenges without affecting the measurement of our skills are:  

  • Types of tasks
  • Names of employees/titles of employees (e.g., manager, supervisor, team lead)
  • Types of meetings
  • Types of policies, rules, regulations
  • Types of projects
  • Types of products
  • Forms of communication (e.g., email, slack, teams)
  • Types of teams
  • Types of disagreements
  • Types of corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Types of social activities  

By changing these aspects, the challenge can better reflect the type of work and people that are present and valued in their company or better reflect the types of tasks or projects someone in a specific job works on.

The Creation Process

Some of our clients want to go beyond the simple customization of a nugget challenge. These clients might have content like that of our challenges and want to use our platform for their content, or maybe they want to co-create content for a challenge from scratch to fit their company’s work environment as much as possible. If a client has content already, we can work with them to upload it onto our platform to allow them to use our app to assess skills that they would like to measure. If they want to create a challenge with us from scratch, we work closely with them to determine which skills they want to assess and then provide them with all of the considerations that we use when making a challenge (e.g., avoiding the use of jargon, details of what the scenario must include to measure each specific soft skill they want to measure, etc.). This gives the client the ability to freely create a challenge that fits their environment, within the skills we can assess.  

The Review Process

Regardless of whether the client customizes one of our challenges or co-creates a new challenge we will always thoroughly review the content to make sure that it can effectively measure the skill we are trying to measure. We want to make sure all our challenges are scientifically sound.


By customizing and creating challenges, we aim to ensure that our clients use challenges that best suit their goals and capture what makes them unique! Through this process we aim to continuously assess their employees or applicants with the greatest degree of accuracy in the most relevant work-scenarios possible. Our vision is to be the platform companies turn to for scenario-based assessments and through the Customize and Create functions, we’re one step closer to this vision.  

Interested in learning more about this process of customizing your own challenge? Contact cs@nugget.ai today!

Melissa Pike 🤩

Head of Talent Acquisition and Research