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Hiring on autopilot.

Leverage the power of AI to help you find the right person for every job. We match companies to talent based on hard and soft skills, trained on thousands of jobs every week!

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Headshot of Mark Freedman, Director of Product, Mortgage Automator
"Wish I started before going through 500 applicants!"

Mark Freedman, Director of Product, Mortgage Automator

Trusted and loved by global teams

AI + Expert recruiters to discover top talent

Leverage the power of AI that learns from your recruitment patterns, and our expert recruiters will support you every step of the way.

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See why hundreds of companies love Workforce.

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Attract talent from all over the world

Finding qualified candidates is half the battle – Workforce eliminates this challenge with our unmatched global network, helping companies save time and reduce churn.

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Find the right person for the job 3x faster.

Access our talent database

10x your candidate reach by accessing our network of 25,000+ pre-vetted talent profiles across hundreds of roles in technology, business, and more.

Build a custom career page

First impressions are important. Create your own fully personalized job board to add to your website and attract more candidates to your company.

Outsource your hiring

Need external support? Have an agency hire on your behalf with 100% transparency and shareability, or be an agency for another company yourself.

Hire as a team

Unlimited collaborators, shared visibility of pipelines, combined talent notes and more. Hiring with your squad has never been easier.

Reserve top talent

Found some superstars you want to save for later? Manage, group together, and find candidates easily with our Campaigns.

Share profiles with anyone

Improve your workflow with our intuitive Talent Sharing feature - share profiles with anyone inside or outside of your organization.

Publish jobs anywhere

With a single click, post on all your favorite job boards like Linkedin, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and more.

Spot your next hire easily

Powered by AI, our built-in Talent Matching scores helps you identify  best fit talent with ease.

Import your own talent

Consolidate your talent lists into Workforce to keep all your favorite candidates in one place.

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workforce product screenshots
Make the right hires faster, every time
Hundreds of companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, use nugget's hiring solutions to build, manage, and filter their talent pipelines

We match your job requirements to top talent

Create modern job ads

Building a talent pipeline starts with awareness. Create jobs descriptions to attract the people you actually want to talk to.

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post multiple job boards

Post to multiple job boards

Publish your job to multiple job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, and more in one single click. Grow your pipeline with the most popular job boards on the internet.

Hire as a team

Set up automated actions to reduce your manual work, create templates for recurring pipeline structures, and add your hiring team with detailed permissions and roles.

teams dashboard
candidate dashboard

Share talent with clients

Collect feedback from clients on talent profiles, fine tune your search to the best candidates ot there.

Get matched with top talent

nugget's proprietary AI matching algorithm learns with every step you take. Our matching score factors hard and soft skills and is trained on thousands of jobs each week!

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nugget.ai's I/O certified challenges helps us identify critical soft skills. + talk about hard skills.

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We play nice with others

Access all the job boards, tools, and power-ups ⚡ you need to streamline your hiring pipeline, connected in one ecosystem. We integrate with dozens of companies with more coming soon.

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Make the right hires, faster.

Explore how nugget's AI solutions can help you go from sourcing to hire in days.

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