Transforming teams to high performing ones.

Assessments that are relevant to the job

Bring your organizational challenges to the forefront of your recruitment and talent development strategy
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01 Create

Easily create and launch personalized challenges that contribute to your organizational goals to your talent pool

02 Screen

Screen employees and extract key characteristics that make them special. Use insights to screen candidates for similar skill sets or upskill your talent pool

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assessment results

03 Evaluate

Use AI driven insights to build competitive teams. Hire and develop top talent


Hire and train for performance

Put your organizational challenges at the core of your people development strategy

Close the gap on diversity

Identify unique groups of employees and personalize the recruitment and coaching experience

Eliminate screening bias

Use an objective AI model that eliminates human subjectivity and judgement

Discover your Nugget

We help you discover nuggets of information on employees and candidates.

In the news.

We're making waves in HR technology. If you want to learn more, read on how we helped McGill University optimize their screening process to save time. Download the case study.

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