Hire your next

Create and launch task-based assessments to find the right candidate fit.

Redefining candidate intelligence

Identify top performers by giving them a task they would do on the job before they're hired. We're following decades of science combined with an AI model to discover your next top performer.
the intelligent enterprise
create assessmant

01 Create

Easily create and launch assessment campaigns to your candidate pool

02 Assess

Candidates complete an open ended assessment powered by an AI engine
take assessment
assessment results

03 Evaluate

Make data-driven hires by analyzing candidates' decision making process

Create personalized assessments

Control the content of your assessment. Add your own content, brand, and images

Use an AI driven evaluation model

Automate the screening process by benchmarking candidates to your top performers

Be the intelligent enterprise

The power of an end-to-end platform for creating an launching task-based assessments
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