Hire your next

A candidate intelligence platform to create and launch task-based assessments to find the right candidate fit.

Be the intelligent enterprise

Intelligence start with people. Leverage AI with a simple whiteboard interface for assessment ideation. The results are cognitive analytics on what candidates produce and how candidates perform.
the intelligent enterprise

create Create

Choose from a library of pre-built tasks or create your own assessment. Set milestone objectives for candidates to complete.

create Launch

Launch the campaign to your talent pool and get real-time insight on performance.

create Evaluate

Make data-driven decisions through insight on candidate performance provided in a discovery report.

A candidate intelligence platform for the data-driven decision maker


For Corporate Recruitment

Launch challenges to recruit student and entry-level hires

For Academic Recruitment

Recruit students for programs, associations and academic organizations

For Corporate Training

Identify employee strengths and weaknesses to improve training programs
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