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The complete people stack powered by AI and backed by science to hire, understand, train, and develop top talent.

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Overview of understanding talent potential with nugget.aiDifferent soft skills the candidate possessesTeam analytics graph showing leadership, teamwork and communication skills being tracked by nugget.ai
Trusted and loved by global teams

Powered by AI, backed by science.


We harness our state of the art neural engine developed from the ground up, built specifically to quantify people skills


We apply distributed computing techniques to process thousands of data points every minute, across the globe


We keep your data safe by encrypting all at-rest and in-transit connections with AES-256 and TLS


We are proud partners with prestigious academic institutions like Mitacs and the University of Guelph


We integrate with dozens of applications from productivity tools like Teams and Slack to HRIS systems like SAP SuccessFactors and more


We are SOC2 II and GDPR compliant to anonymize all personal identifiable information and protect your privacy

Our Products

We build products to help teams grow and scale quickly.

Our products cut manual effort, eliminate errors, hire high quality talent, and speed employee onboarding, provisioning, status changes, off-boarding, and more.

Our services

Our services are powered by products that we develop.

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We've helped hundreds of brands hire and develop top talent.


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Hear it from our amazing customers.

“nugget.ai tweaked one of their challenges for our role and sent across the top 3. The results were phenomenal and we hired one. Wish I started before going through 500 applicants!”

headshot of the director of product at mortgage automator
Mark Freedman
Director of Product, Mortgage Automator

“We can now provide even more value to our clients by generating AI driven insights candidates' soft skills and how they compare to our own customer's DNA in a very meaningful way.”

Headshot of Jim Carlson, President of Planet4it Recruitment Agency
Jim Carlson
President, Planet4It Recruitment Agency

“Sourcing is a huge problem in the recruitment industry. Such a powerful tool to help funnel candidates consistently into the hiring pipeline.”

Headshot fo Ashley Woods, Senior Associate - Client and Talent at TEEMA
Ashley Woods
Senior Associate - Client and Talent, TEEMA

“We were amazingly surprised by the level of detail the AI was able to pick up on when measuring our own team's skills. The benchmark helped us evolve our hiring best practices.”

Headshot of Renee Heinman, Recruitment Manager at Optimus SBR
Renee Heinman
Recruitment Manager, Optimus SBR