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Creating a custom challenge pack

Read about what challenge packs we offer and which one would best suit your company's needs.

Here at nugget.ai, we understand that each organization values and prioritizes soft skills differently. For example, one company may want a salesperson who can attract a large client base for a short time frame, while another may prefer a salesperson who is better at fostering fewer, but longer-term relationships with their client base. That’s why our platform SuperTalent allows you to cater your challenge pack to best fit your company’s needs. (Want to learn more about our challenges and soft skills? Click here. Or read about the science behind our challenges.)

However, with a list of 44 challenges across our nugget.ai soft skills to choose from, that task can seem daunting. Furthermore, with each challenge taking an average of 5-8 minutes, finding a way to balance the skills you want to test with an appropriate test time can be tricky. Well, whether you’ve used these types of platforms before and know exactly what you want or you’re totally new and have no idea where to start, we have three different modes meant to support you accordingly.  

  1. Role-based

For those who are hiring for or benchmarking a specific role, this mode is best for you. We’ve done most of the work determining which skills are most important for each role and will present that top 5 list immediately upon clicking it. However, you are free to use a slightly extended list to capture the uniqueness of your organization if you feel that list is not entirely accurate. The most interesting part of this mode is in the industry benchmarks. Based off of research and industry data, every challenge-taker’s results will be displayed with the average skill level for people in that role. It can be a good way to see how well a candidate fits the soft skills required for the role or how employees in your organization compare to other people in a similar role.  

Screenshot of nugget.ai's role-based mode challenge packs
Role-based mode

Can’t find the role you’re looking for? Click here to submit a request for your role to be added to our list.  

  1. Guided

For those who know their organization well, but still need some help determining how to get the most out of the challenges we offer, this mode is perfect. We start by letting you choose between our 9 skills to immediately narrow the list of challenges you have to choose between. From there, we want you to use introspection to determine the skills demonstrated by the top performers of your company as well as the culture champions (those who best demonstrate your company values), along with skills that noticeably need to be improved across the tested group. Based on your answers, you will be presented with a final challenge list. Still not happy? You’re free to adjust the list by changing the order, deleting some skills, or even going back and adjusting some of your answers.  

Screenshot of nugget.ai's guided mode challenge packs
Guided mode
  1. Free-form

For those who have used our platform before, know exactly what they want, or simply want to explore all the offered challenges, this mode is best-suited for you. We provide you with the full challenge list where you are free to pick and choose as many as you please. However, we highly encourage you to use one of our other modes if this is your first time using our platform.

Screenshot of nugget.ai's free-form mode challenge packs
Free-form mode

Still stuck?

We’re here to help! Our team of scientists have a lot of experience determining what an organization is trying to assess and how to best meet those needs. By meeting with you and getting to know your company and goals, we can collaborate or do the work for you in selecting the right challenges for your challenge pack. We can take it one step further by customizing certain aspects of the challenges to make them feel more like scenarios employees in your organization would actually face  

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