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Case Study - Workforce: From Start-Up to Scale-Up

Learn how Workforce helped our recruiters improve their workflow and scale quickly.

Business Challenge

The goal of every startup is to scale. The more your team can accomplish, the stronger your business becomes. But before someone can start to scale their business, they first must find their footing. That is no easy task, especially in the world of recruiting. Just ask Melissa Pike, nugget.ai’s Head of Talent Acquisition and Research,

“When we started working in the recruiting space, we had three employees that were set to the task and frankly it was overwhelming.”  

You may find yourself asking questions such as ‘how do I increase KPIs?’ or ‘how do I keep track of all my candidates?’ Well, nugget.ai decided to take a crack at answering these questions, and our solution was this: make smart software backed by AI. By developing an easy-to-use ATS (hyperlink to Workforce page) we were able to ease many of the struggles that come with recruiting. You see, the stats just speak for themselves:

From being overwhelmed with just 2 clients, we are now able to work with a full healthy roster of 10 clients without feeling the heat. From inconsistently placing candidates into jobs, we’ve transformed into consistently getting placements each and every month since Workforce’s implementation. The capacity was able to increase so rapidly due to how effective Workforce is at tracking and sending over candidates, making sure no one gets left behind. Melissa speaks on this very issue:

“LinkedIn profiles would be forgotten; emails would get lost. With Workforce, we now have all our candidates in a single database, it is much more manageable.”  
nugget.ai dashboard in Workforce

The number of recruiters has stayed the same - 3! The KPI improvements can be attributed to the improved workflow and AI assistance.  Upgrade your team without having to increase your team size with Workforce! Contact us today to make it happen.