The AI platform for Maximizing Human Performance

Our enterprise ready AI platform applies proprietary behavioural science to maximize individuals, teams, and company performance


A fully integrated suite of resource management products

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 Powered by a scalable AI engine 


Enterprise ready platform


Enterprise-grade security and data management

Optimize workforce performance

Internal and Extended workforces' combinations, optimized through millions of combinations against your requirements, to get you best case scenarios for your goals

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Roster Management

Manage your employee and your extended teams' skills for your current and future projects.

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Nugget's AI algorithms learn with every interaction and decision your company takes in the platform

Always Learning and Optimizing

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Our AI uses live data to improve recommendations to deliver optimal teams for your clients' needs 

AI Ranking, Matching, and Optimization

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Naomi, our AI engine, is always evaluating, learning and recommending solutions to augment users' decisions 

Naomi - AI Assistant


How we implement our solution?

A cloud-based AI solution with various implementation options


Semi Assisted

We work with your team to uncover scope and build rapid prototypes in partnership with our Venture lab.


Fully Assisted

Our team of AI experts and data scientist work with your business teams to launch scalable solution custom built for your organization. Once launched, our team also manages the entire solution on your behalf.



Work with Industry Partners

Work with our global industry partners to help implement our suites of resource optimization suite of products in your organization.


Optimize your work performance now!

Pricing Plan

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