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Why SuperTalent? 

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Hire without bias.

Our AI will analyze your current and potential new employees through a data-driven lens to help you uncover and unbiasedly focus on the key skills, qualities, and characteristics that actually matter for your company to succeed.

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Increase company performance.

We'll provide you with scalable and evolutive insights to better manage and help your team as SuperTalent seamlessly integrates into major communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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Support your employee's L&D needs and wellbeing.

Gain a deeper understanding in what makes someone thrive in your company. Support your company culture, performance and growth​ by understanding the daily habits and motivations of your employees as well as what the right resources are for them to grow.

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How it works.


Sign Up

Invite your employees to sign up for SuperTalent and integrate it with the tools you use most often.


Start building your company I/O benchmark

Get your employees to start taking our Nugget AI skills-based challenges and get your company I/O benchmark.


Analyze and adapt your team

Use our dynamic data to increase company performance, understand people on a deeper level and make unbiased hiring decisions.

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