Understand your workforce, effortlessly.

Measure soft skills with nugget’s AI-powered bots inside Slack and Teams.

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Continuous measurement and learning in the flow of work

Observe the pulse, identify trends, and leverage key insights to optimize team performance.

Insights to drive action

Drive important decisions about your team’s performance

Works where you do.

Manage all your team analytics inside slack and Teams

Collaborate with others.

Invite friends and colleagues, share reports, all in one place

Real-time nudges

Receive real-time nudges when it matters most

One people stack to rule them all.

Scale your operations by leveraging technology to help manage the entire candidate and employee lifecycle. Together, our apps cut the manual effort, eliminate errors, hire quality, and speed employee onboarding, provisioning, status changes, and off-boarding.

We play nice with others.

We’re building an embedded, native integration experience that works with the tools and platforms that you use every day.

Optimize team performance.

People are not static - they evolve over time. Use AI to measure soft skills correlated to your company performance data.