The AI platform to find and develop SuperTalent

Nugget combines decades of reasearch in the field of I/O science with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to empower employers better understand, hire and retain SuperTalent.

An AI solution built for companies of all shapes and sizes

From understanding what makes your company tick, to finding the talent that's the best fit for your organization, our enterprise-grade AI solutions, backed by years of science and research is here to help. 

Find your company's SuperTalent


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Create company skills benchmarks

We use AI to measure your teams' skills, so you can assess culture and performance levels in an unbiased way.

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Hire the best fit for your company

We drastically reduce BIAS in your hiring process, by focusing primarily on skills needed to perform well on the job.

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Create teams best-fit for specific projects

We combine strengths of your team members, so you can build high-performing teams while balancing your business goals.

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Reach a global talent pool

We standardize and deploy this process globally, helping you unlock talent anywhere in the world.

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