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Headshot of Mark Freedman, Director of Product, Mortgage Automator
"Wish I started before going through 500 applicants!"

Mark Freedman, Director of Product, Mortgage Automator

Make the right hires faster, every time

Hundreds of companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, use nugget's hiring solutions to manage their pipeline and find vetted talent.

A full 360 view of candidate skills

Harness the power of AI to help you screen for skills, values, and culture-fit

Global network of pre-vetted talent

Search from 25,000+ pre-vetted talent profiles across hundreds of roles and skills

Automate your hiring pipeline

Connect to dozens of apps like Calendly and Zoom to build a better toolchain that works for your team

Attract talent all over the web

Fill your pipeline with 1-click job publishing to dozens of leading job boards

Recruiter AI solutions to help you discover and filter candidates you actually want to talk to

AI Scout™️

Source top talent from all over the web, across Github, StackOverflow, LinkedIn and more.

AI Shortlist™️

Shortlist top talent using intelligent hard skills matching and soft skill challenges.

Talent hire, talent benchmark and people analytics with nugget.ai

One people stack to rule them all.

Scale your operations by leveraging technology to help manage the entire candidate and employee lifecycle. Together, our apps cut the manual effort, eliminate errors, hire high quality talents, and speed employee onboarding, provisioning, status changes, and off-boarding.

We play nice with others.

Instantly publish to leading job boards like LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter, and add power-ups ⚡ to streamline your hiring pipeline. We integrate with dozens of companies with more coming soon.

Publish to multiple job boards with one click
Automate soft skill assessments in your hiring pipeline
Auto-sync data across your solutions
nugget.ai integrations with platforms to support hiring - indeed, Microsoft outlooknugget.ai integrates well with other platforms such as Indeed and many others

Hire top talent, faster.

Explore how nugget's AI solutions can help you go from sourcing to hire in days.

screenshot of hired talent overviewscreenshot of candidate nugget score example including certification, education and skills levelsfemale and male in the office positively shaking hands