Using the power of AI to help you understand people on a deeper level

Characteristics and Skills analyzed in real time to get a holistic and dynamic view of your People​

Why SuperTalent?

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Data-driven lense

​Thousands of variables are analyzed for you to augment your existing hiring process. Whether you're starting a team from scratch or developing an existing one, we can help you reduce your time-to-fill by 50% and ensure you hire without bias.

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Set your team up for success

​Your employees are your greatest asset. Increase team and individual performance​ through deeper understanding of each person, with scalable and evolutive insights to better manage and help your team​.

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The team you need today, ready for tomorrow

The solution to support or transform your company culture, performance and growth​.

Measure your investments in talent acquisition, development and wellbeing.​

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Decades of science research powered by AI to enable data-driven people & development recommendations

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56K+ Data Inputs

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3 Billion Hidden Relationships

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Supervised, Unsupervised and

Reinforced Learning

Enterprise-grade solution for companies of any size

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Understanding Individuals

Understand what makes someone thrive in your team

Go beyond resumes and static data to deeply understand skills, emotions, personality traits and much more.

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Quantify People's Characteristics

Nugget Scores help you quickly understand people's skills and characteristics without BIAS or subjective lenses.

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Reduce Talent

Acquisition Mistakes

Avoid paying the price of a bad hire, which can be at least 30% of the employee's first year earnings. 

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ROI For Talent Development

Measure the impact of L&D initiatives by evaluating people skills through real-time insights.

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Understanding Teams & Companies

Leverage Nuggets unbiased insights to drive company performance

Unlock your team's potential by hiring objectively for the skills that matter most.

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Evolve Your

Team's Characteristics

Use data to match skills and characteristics that will drive performance, grow your culture, and transform your business.

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Benchmark With Industry Standards

Understand how your team's characteristics compare to other companies in the same industry.

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Increase Your Company Performance

Get a 400% productivity boost by understanding your top performers' data and applying to talent acquisition and development.

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People Analytics

Continuously understand your team's characteristics and needs

Connect to your day-to-day collaboration tools to constantly help your team understand and develop their skills

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Personalized To Each Individual

With privacy first principles, insights are built for each person using science-backed methodologies to help people's self-awareness and development.

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Personalized To Each Team & Company

With ethics first principles, information is aggregated to drive insights for companies to continuously improve their processes and performance.

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Uncovering Life Changing Events

Understand your teams' emotions and reduce the risk of burn-out and other mental health issues, all without relying on surveys and self-reported inputs.

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Our Promise

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Ethical AI

Science-backed engines and algorithms, BIAS detection in our models, Independent Ethical committee and value driven principles framework

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What We Share

Talent choose what they share on our platform, No company information is ever shared to the public

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Ensuring Privacy

Industry standards and transparency with all stakeholders

Pricing Plans

Pricing that fits companies of all size

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Minimum 20 users per benchmark

Includes team's performance data

Individual and team level reporting

Additional services to create personalized benchmark and refresh data-sets

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For teams and managers

$30 / month per user 

For Talent Benchmarking

*Prices in USD

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Email support, basic reporting and talent pipeline management

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Use industry skills benchmark to measure your candidates skills

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Unlimited number of AI skills measurements for candidates

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Use your company benchmarks to measure candidates fitness to your culture or performance

For hiring managers and recruiters

$500 / month

For Talent Acquisition

*Prices in USD

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Contact Us 

For teams and managers

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Personalized content for your company, optimizing for specific organizational goal

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Full-service talent acquisition, including background checks

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Personalized outputs and integration with your​ Tech Stack

*Prices in USD


Ready to supercharge your team? 

If you have any further questions or want to learn more about how SuperTalent can fit for your company, contact our sales team!