Understanding The Intelligent Enterprise

With Mike Kohn from Spark Fund and Bohdan Zabawskyj from Fortay.ai

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The intelligent enterprise is one that uses people analytics to make data driven decisions. A discussion on how today's leaders should integrate data in decision making. The conversation was led by Ali El-Shayeb CEO & founder of Nugget.ai with Mike Kohn – Head of people operation at Sparkfund, a startup based in DC that focuses on improving access to advanced energy technology through a subscription model.

We can all agree that, the more you know about your people, the more you can enable them to do their best work. But few organizations actually make an effort to understand their people. From our conversation with Mike we understood that it’ll certainly vary from organization to organization, but at Sparkfund, they’ve made it one of 3 company-wide goals - building a workplace where people thrive is something that we all take a shared responsibility around. That means setting up metrics and key results that support that goal, and then creating opportunities for everyone at all levels to really make an impact accordingly.

It seems that building 1-1 relationships help you foster strong bonds with your employees that lead to future business success. For a start-up this can be manageable, but large enterprises are challenged with unimaginable talent volumes. Being in a large organization or a small one, it’s about intentionality. Mike told us when he was in larger organizations in the past, he’s approached it by keeping up with peers and colleagues, and then branching out by thinking of others he could learn from, and then asking those people for recommendations on other people he could talk to.

In our final question with Mike we asked him what can technology help us solve here, what’s already been done, and how much further do we have to go? He responded with he thinks that technology can help take the place of some of the more mundane and routine tasks that we have to do in our worlds. For example, being able to streamline processes through the use of Applicant Tracking Systems or Payroll Systems. This has let him put his time towards things that are better handled by a person - things that let him focus on the human side of business.


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