Quantify team performance

Build personalized benchmarks of team skills correlated to company performance data.

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Headshot of Jim Carlson, President of Planet4it Recruitment Agency
“We provide even more value to our clients by generating AI driven insights on soft skills.”

Jim Carlson, President, Planet4iT

The current way just isn't working.

Go beyond employee surveys and static data to understand what makes your team thrive and access analytics you never thought possible.

Static records

Static surveys and questionnaires only capture a snapshot in time

Not relevant

Most assessments are generic questionnaires and surveys

Data analytics

Today's solutions don't include real-time data analytics

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Answer real company challenges

Select from a library of 50+ challenges by role, or create your own in minutes

Drive action in real-time

Scientifically-backed insights to help teams improve performance and develop skill gaps

Understand your team

Understand your team's soft skills correlated to company performance data

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One people stack to rule them all.

Scale your operations by leveraging technology to help manage the entire candidate and employee lifecycle. Together, our apps cut the manual effort, eliminate errors, hire high quality talents, and speed employee onboarding, provisioning, status changes, and off-boarding.

Optimize team performance.

People are not static - they evolve over time. Use AI to measure soft skills correlated to your company performance data.